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What's Amplivoice

Amplivoice is a voice social network. It fills the missing gap between long, non-interactive podcasts and private voice memos.

It’s a place to publish your thoughts in short 2 minute voice memos – right in the moment you think about it and personalized for your audience.

• Tell stories the world needs to hear

• Publish content to Amazon Alexa

• Tune in and listen to friends and creators

• Engage with what matters to you


Daniel Jung – Education Ambassador and Youtube Math Rock-Star

Amplivoice offers me – in the field of voice – what YouTube enables me to do for video: to make my corresponding content available to a broad mass without great effort.

Voice Content First

Create content in the moment.

You have thought? Press record and share it with your audience. The easiest way to document your journey. 

Be visible on Alexa 

Amazon Alexa opens up new doors to reach your audience in a personal way at the breakfast table for instance. Each Amplivoice memo will be also uploaded to the amplivoice Alexa Skill. Your audience follows you on mobile and on Alexa automatically.

Share to Instagram easily

Export your audio content to your Instagram story with one click. Our app creates a design-focused IG-Story with audio waves and your personal profile. 

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